The Lanvin Murders by Angela M Sanders


“All Portland vintage clothing store owner Joanna Hayworth wants to do is turn her back on the modern world and retreat into a carefully curated life of satin cocktail gowns, icy martinis, and old movies.

But when Joanna finds a key in a 1930’s Lanvin coat casts off by an ex-showgirl, everything changes. The elderly woman turns up dead, and Joanna is pulled into a long-ago drama of back room deals, blackmail, and lost love. She must find a very real – and present day – killer before she becomes his next victim.”

I was a little disappointed with ‘The Lanvin Murders’, so much so that I almost gave up on it and found something else. I was over halfway into the book before it started to get slightly more interesting, but it sadly wasn’t the page turner I was looking for in a murder mystery.

The language was lovely, easy to read but not childish or primitive. Whilst the content of the book was lacking, the writing style was pleasing and the story was fairly well-written, although in places rather drawn out.

The blurb hints at an exciting novel where the protagonist Joanna is daring and active, but in actual fact the story was slow paced and, well, nothing really happened. The characters were quaint and there was a lot of detail on vintage clothing, so if you’re into fashion this would probably be quite a nice book.

The actual murders were nothing special – the first victim wasn’t actually murdered at all but had a heart attack because of her age, and the clues didn’t seem to lead to anything interesting. There was a lot of fuss over a key found in the Lanvin coat, and I felt that Joanna’s insistence to link the key to the murders was a little bit wearing. It took an awfully long time for any proper leads to come up.

I think the fact that Joanna wasn’t a cop, but a normal civilian didn’t help; the police and detectives who were working the case seemed somewhat incompetent. The ending was ok, the murders were resolved and there was a small amount of action, but I can’t help feeling that this book is a bit ‘wishy washy’. Sure it was a murder mystery, but it wasn’t an exciting one, and it didn’t have any features that would cause it to stand out from the next book on the shelf.

2.5/5 rating.


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An aspiring cellist, I absolutely adore reading, and even if it means squeezing it into the cracks of my busy life I am still determined to read more! For me, a truly great novel isn't just flashy with a fast paced plot and glossy characters, it is good literature that traps you with every word and entices you to read on. I write quick-to-read book reviews on CreativeThoughtBubble, as well as occasionally publishing short stories of my own.

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