Coming Soon!

I’ve finally come back from holiday after managing to read nearly 9 books whilst I was away! Keep an eye out for my summer reads which will be posted shortly…..


I’ve got that feeling….

I’ve just finished my second day back at sixth form, and already I’ve had one assessment (German History) with many more on the way. Yesterday I began romping through the third book for my reading challenge (where I buy random books at charity shops to widen my reading) and I’m absolutely loving it. All of the books that I’ve picked up so far have been brilliant with ‘In Her Shadow’ even making it into my top 5 favourite books!

I honestly think that this is the way to find great books – go to a charity shop. Two of the books I purchased in my last visit were almost definitely brand new (either that or the person who read them before me read it with a series of mirrors so they didn’t have to fold the spine…) and prices are very low (depending on the shop they can be anywhere from 50p to £2) making it a very cheap way to find great new books.

When going through a stressful exam period, I find that it’s the little moments spent relaxing with a book that make me happy. Although I have quite a large reading list (I’m meant to be reading a lot of Gothic novels for English, plus I’ve got a pile of books waiting) I’m eager to get back to a charity shop and spend some quality time with all the book titles.

Watch out charity shops – I’m coming for your paperbacks!