If you’re looking for reviews on books, plays etc. then you’ve come to the right place! The reviews I write are short and accessible as I don’t think reviews need to be wordy, but informative and to the point.

As well as reading my reviews, I’d love suggestions from you on what to read/see next although I do have quite a waiting list! (search ‘my reading list’).

If you have any problems navigating my site, then please leave a comment here, but if you have any book suggestions for me, then please leave the comment on my ‘book suggestions’ page (type it into the search box).

I have recently been branching out, and have started adding the occasional short story/piece of creative writing, and blog posts as I think everybody needs to exercise the creative part of their brain and let off a bit of steam!

You can find all my posts on the side bar if you look at categories.




3 thoughts on “Welcome”

      1. This is not an easy question to answer. Agatha Christie is a good. Most people like them. Do you ike paranormal? If so Joe Grey are good. The cats talk and solve mysteries. A non talki gcats series is Lillian Jackson Brawn Cats Who series. Dogs Laurien Bergeron poodle series. Cafts and Food mysteries. I love Colleen Helme’s Shelby NIckols series. Again paranormal aspect. Another favorite is Hetta Coffey series by Jinx Schwartz.

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