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Welcome to CreativeThoughtBubble, a site where I share all of my creative impulses, be they in via words, paint, photos or music. My main passion is music – I am currently studying to become a professional cellist, and have just finished A-levels in music, English and Art. Previously I have only shared book related thoughts on here, but I have decided to branch out, so keep your eyes peeled for my paintings and maybe some clips of me performing!

If you have any problems navigating my site, then please leave a comment here, but if you have any book suggestions for me, then please leave the comment on my ‘book suggestions’ page (type it into the search box).

You can find all my posts on the side bar if you look at categories.




3 thoughts on “Welcome”

      1. This is not an easy question to answer. Agatha Christie is a good. Most people like them. Do you ike paranormal? If so Joe Grey are good. The cats talk and solve mysteries. A non talki gcats series is Lillian Jackson Brawn Cats Who series. Dogs Laurien Bergeron poodle series. Cafts and Food mysteries. I love Colleen Helme’s Shelby NIckols series. Again paranormal aspect. Another favorite is Hetta Coffey series by Jinx Schwartz.

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