The Housewife Assassin’s handbook by Josie Brown

The Housewife Assassin's Handbook by Josie Brown | Paperback | Barnes ...

“Every desperate housewife wants an alias. Donna Stone has one…and it happens to be government-sanctioned. She earned it the hard way: her husband was killed the day she delivered her third child. To avenge his death, she leads a secret life – as an assassin. But espionage makes for strange bedfellows – and brings new meaning to that old adage, ‘Honey, I’m home’…”

Wow. What a book! From the very start it was exciting, funny, and enchanting all at the same time. The badass assassin of a mother Donna made for a brilliant protagonist with a bucket-load of personality.

I had a good little chuckle at the start of each chapter thanks to the little tips on how to be a good assassin…or was it mother…..I guess you’ll have to read it yourself to see what you think.

I loved the way Donna’s two lives crossed over constantly, for example the way she worried about being late for picking up her son and his friends whilst simultaneously being in the process of attempting to murder someone was particularly amusing. However, there was a more serious side to the book as Donna paired up with another assassin to try and destroy the organization that killed her husband.

The book was going well; very smoothly with not too many surprises. There was a little romance (ahem a lot of romance *cough cough*) mixed in with some stakeouts and missions and then BAM! PLOT TWIST OF A LIFETIME! I have to admit I did not see it coming although in hindsight I suppose it may have been hinted at somewhere. I won’t give anything away, but will figuratively shake you out of whatever stupor has you in its grasp, so you can go and read this book!

The whole novel was fast paced and filled with dramatic events as well as many heartwarming moments.

An absolute ‘mustread’ (and I can’t believe there are 14 others in the series!)

5/5 rating.


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An aspiring cellist, I absolutely adore reading, and even if it means squeezing it into the cracks of my busy life I am still determined to read more! For me, a truly great novel isn't just flashy with a fast paced plot and glossy characters, it is good literature that traps you with every word and entices you to read on. I write quick-to-read book reviews on CreativeThoughtBubble, as well as occasionally publishing short stories of my own.

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